Why Do I Need to Invest in SEO?

20Dec, 2017

There are good chances that you might have heard about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You might have seen people talking about it and are pretty convinced about its success rates. Now, as the marketing head of your organization, convincing everybody for SEO strategies to boost the market penetration can be a tad difficult. While you are on your quest of convincing your peers about SEO, one question that everybody is going to ask you is what makes SEO so powerful and why your company should invest in SEO strategies?

Well, trust on this; you are not the only one who trusts in the SEO strategies, but are unable to list down the reasons, apart from the obvious one. That is why we have brought 9 different reasons to invest in SEO. Want to know about them? Then, keep on reading!

1. SEO is nothing but a wise investment

When it comes to SEO, it is an investment that is known to unveil great returns if applied properly. When you tie SEO with the Web analytics data, you would find that there are certain keywords that have some of the most amazing conversion rates and according to them, you are on page #2 or 3. If you secure your position on the top three places on the very first page of Google, it would provide you unprecedented returns over a small investment that you made on SEO.

2. SEO brings your star seller into limelight

And who would that super star be? Obviously, your website. Have a thought about it! Your website is always open, 24*7, never reports late to the work or call in sick. It is the most diligent worker you can ask for who performs every single task that you ask it to do and maintains a steady flow of potential leads and sales. It multitasks for you and tackles thousands of potential leads at one hand. Now, with the help of SEO, you can easily bring this star into limelight and flood it with traffic that would ultimately generate the best performance.

3. SEO impacts the purchase cycle

When it comes to boosting the sales, SEO does that without increasing the overall marketing costs, thereby increasing the overall revenues to a greater extent. When compared with other online marketing strategies, SEO aids your business goals with a better ROI because of the effect of better conversions and enhanced sales at meagre investment.

In the present scenario when your buyers are smarter than you, considering yourself the best can cost you a lot. Now, people are always researching the Internet for better deals and they are opting for the price conscious behaviour. In this research and buying cycle, SEO helps you to attract the potential buyers by using the relevant keywords that rank higher in the search engines.

4. SEO pricing are quite variable

Obviously, being the head of an organization, pricing is one thing that you have always to take care of. But when it comes to the SEO services, it is difficult to include a price tag on to it. Why? The answer is simple; there are no universal standards to fix the rates. Moreover, the different SEO strategies such as keyword analysis, link building and other activities are quite specific to the business and most of the times are tailor made. Apart from this, you would find a great variation of prices among SEO services providers.

You have to understand the fact that SEO is a specialized service that involves a team of people that are working behind the curtains. When you give them a small budget, you are tying their hands and can’t expect glitzy results.

5. SEO is never too expensive

When it comes to choosing an SEO company, you would be tempted to pick the least expensive one, but trust us, it would be better to go for an expensive one. Yeah, it would leave your flabbergasted but it’s true. How? The answer is simple; SEO is more of an investment, rather than a cost. And if the SEO service provider is charging you twice to thrice as compared to the rest, it is imperative to understand why the charges are high?

Well, if your market is large enough to drive the required volume of traffic, your competition is weak and your experience with the SEO firms have helped you to get the desired traffic, then shouldn’t be a freckle of doubt while investing in the SEO.

6. SEO isn’t the garnishing; it is the main ingredient

This is something that most of the companies need to understand that SEO is not the support system but the whole system. Agreed that you have spent huge bucks on your website, but Google needs help to understand your business and website. And here is the point where SEO comes into the frame. When SEO is efficiently woven in the DNA of your website, it brings your business in the light on the search engine. Now many companies simply want SEO to be included in the website but that is not how it works.

When it comes to the SEO, it goes deep into the structure of the website, content management system, URL syntax along with the web design. And it is not a task of few days. It takes efforts, money and above all time to build a website that is in compliance with the latest SEO strategies.

7. SEO is far more than SEO friendly CMS

SEO needs far more than SEO friendly and optimized CMS. SEO is not only about the codes as this is not what Google is looking for. It needs content! Google uses more than 200 factors for rankings along with algorithms that change numerous time in a year. And CMS is just a small part as it takes several other things to dominate the search engines. Among these things, content is the one that reigns as it directly targets the required factors including keywords, competitors and overall marketing campaign.

8. SEO Boosts Social Sharing

Is your business active on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter? Then, you would be surprised to know that SEO plays an important role here as well. The content that is shared by users on the social media are directly associated with SEO parameters such as meta descriptions and title tags. These are what you view when people share stories and posts on their Wall or tweet and share.

9. SEO directs people towards your website

When your business is online, the website is the first point of contact for your online customers. The website not only generates leads, but it also brings in potential vendors, customers as well as investors. But if people can’t find your website, then it is of no use. And here is where SEO helps you out. Effective SEO is rooted deep down in the company’s goals and strategies and is based on the psychology of the buyers.

Hopefully, the above mentioned reasons would be sufficient to convince your peers to go for SEO as the part of your marketing strategies. Employ SEO once and see for yourself the changes it brings.

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