How to Increase Organic Traffic with an Eye on Conversions?

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07Dec, 2017

When you invest in SEO, it is not only the increased traffic that you are seeking. Ultimately, you want that traffic to turn into your customers. There is no use of such traffic that simply comes, navigates the website without completing the desired action. This simply increases the bounce rates. Now, here comes the role of CRO or conversion rate optimization. CRO can be defined as the procedure of optimizing all of your sponsored landing pages, search ads and top of everything, the overall website design to enhance the conversion rate. In simpler terms, your goal is to convert the maximum percentage of visitors of your website to complete the required action. For example, if you are the owner of an eCommerce website selling electronic items, then the desired action of the traffic would be to place an order or buy the appliances from your website.

With time, CRO is becoming more and more popular among companies as it is a sure shot way to increase the gains from the sales without any additional burden on your overall marketing budget. Now there are several factors, many of which are niche specific, which determines the success rate of CRO. Even your business model affects this success rate. Nevertheless, whatever the factors are, everybody is looking for great conversion rates. There are certain ways of increasing organic traffic that would hike the conversion rates. Let us go through them one by one.

1.Include as less fields as possible

As a company, when you are asking for data through an email opt-in form, it is advised to ask lesser information instead of going for a detailed form asking too many questions. This can deflect your traffic as nobody likes to fill such amount of details.

2. Always include a guarantee

If you are an eCommerce website owner, then make sure you include no-question-asked refund policy on all types of purchases made from your website. This would decrease the risks for your customers and there would be increased sales that would cover all the returns.

3. Use call to action verbs

The end purpose of your website is to grab the attention of the buyers. So, for a change, it is advisable to use action verbs that prompts the visitors to take the desired action. You can use verbs such as ‘grab the deal’ or ‘reserve your spot’.

4. Avail the benefits of testimonials

Testimonials are known to reduce the risk of bounce rate and also give social proof. Use the testimonials not only in the website but also on the landing pages of the products along with on the email opt-in landing page.

5. Clearly mention the benefits of your products and services

Though it is important to list down the features of your services and products, but it is far more important to tell your customers the advantages and benefits they would get after buying your products and services. Tell them how your products and services would solve their problems.

6. It is important to pay attention to the headlines

The first thing that any customer notices on a landing page is the headline. You can consider it as the vital element of your landing page. That is why it is better to brainstorm with your team and find the best and strongest headline.

7. Conversion elements of your website should be above the fold

All kind of conversion elements such as opt-in boxes and other elements should always be above the fold if you are looking for maximized results.

8. Include a video to give your website a human touch

Humans are always looking for human touch and this is true for the websites as well. That is why it is advised to include a simple and small video on the landing page that would show the customers that there is a real person behind the website and the brand they are going for.

9. Create separate landing pages for PPC ads

There are higher chances that you might be using Adwords or some other form of PPC along with your SEO strategies. So, it is advised to go for specially designed landing pages that are dedicated for them.

10. Don’t forget to include the count of social media followers or the subscribers

As stated earlier, the importance of testimonials can’t be negated. Similarly, various social proofs such as the count of subscribers and social media followers help to strengthen the faith of customers and boost the conversions.

11. Include robust call to actions in the content as well

Always make sure to include various call to actions in the content of your website. It is always helpful if you direct your readers to do the right action. This may include clicking a button, filling out a form or reading a specific piece of information.

12. Always recommend products that are related

To engage the visitors and to make them stay on your website, you can include various links related to different content as well as products and services.

13. Take the help of stock numbers

If you are dealing with products that are tangible, including the quantity of the remaining stock along with the product descriptions can help to increase the sales. For example, you can use phrases such as: place your order now…only 4 left!

14. Avoid hype

These are the times when consumers are smarter than you and they are too savvy to fall for any hype. That is why it is always advised to go for content that is clear and compelling. This would help your customers to make a wise decision.

15. Go for variations

When it comes to call for action buttons, always go for variety. Though your simple ‘order now’ or ‘buy now’ may be performing quite well, there is no harm on changing the position, color and size of these buttons. Try new variations and then choose the one that gives you the best results.

16. Inform your visitors what they are going to get

Customers always want detailed information about the products and services that they are browsing on your website. So provide them with what they are looking for. Tell them about the features and benefits of the products. Also provide the information about the size, there intended and potential use and how it would be delivered to the customers.

17. Give a direct value proposal

Never beat around the bush; always tell the potential customers about your product and service. Never oversell the product; rather tell them how the product or services would benefit them and how your product is better than the other ones available in the market.

18. Make sure to give the visitors a tunnel vision

When you are creating landing pages for your website, always remove anything that may distract your potential customers. It include numerous CTA’s and navigation bar. When you create a landing page, it should focus completely on getting the traffic to perform the desired action.

With that being said, these are some of the ways by which you can not only increase the organic traffic on your website but can also boost the conversion rate as well. So, NO more waiting now. Contact the Vancouver SEO Consultants right now to make your dream come true.

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